Ex-Chelsea player, Didier Drogba admits he has moved on from the charity scandal that rocked his Foundation; Didier Drogba Foundation. The foundation was accused of exploitation of orphans in the war-torn country.

The foundation has received several high profile commendations and is backed by royalty corporate outfits, celebrities and others. The foundation which is supported by Princess Beatrice and David Beckham claimed to provide thousands of school children with the basic to get a good education. The children even appeared in a promotional film.

The player had lunch with 20 African “orphans” with his family. The children were taken by bus to Mansion miles from their homes. After the lunch, lots of promotional pictures were taken and posted on social media. The pictures were further scrutinized and the kids were identified as UK child models.

The player who is also a United Nations Goodwill ambassador was highly embarrassed with the reports as one of the supposed orphans identified was the grandson of former Arsenal player, Ian Wright.

The foundation has received 1.7 million pounds since 2009 but there were allegations that the foundation has spent only 15 thousand Pounds on veritable charity projects.

Half a million pounds was reportedly sent on fundraising parties in London by the foundation, where top celebrities were entertained while the rest are unused in bank accounts. The revelations were stunning and it prompted Britain’s charity watchdog to launch an investigation. Millions of pounds which the player earned form Pepsi, Nike and Samsung which he claimed went to Charity and didn’t pay income tax for are set to be investigated.

The player declined to comment as more revelations were made public. The scandal affected his proposed recovery time for MLS side, Montreal Impact but the star hinted he had gotten over it and was ready as they play this weekend.