Didier Drogba Influences His Team Even Off The Field

Didier Drogba is being sent off to London to be treated for a hip injury that he has sustained.

The striker from Montreal Impact is down with an injury of the hip flexor region. With the striker down Dominic would be taking up his position and hopes to score some goals this season. Drogba would be moving to London to be with his family as well as to get treated for his injury. Impact at the same time will be at Orlando City, where they will be playing their fifth game in a run that has been winless for them so far.

Oduro stated that, with Drogba hurt the visit to Orlando will not be easy for the team. It is a hostile environment that Impact would have to face. Orlando will be putting on the pressure for Impact. However Oduro states that, when the opposing team will come forward to put pressure, they will reveal a space behind them where he will attack. His nickname is Freaky Fast as he is known to get balls from behind the defense and move it towards the goal.

The strategy had worked for the team early in the season. In those matches Drogba had to sit out as the games were played on synthetic turf. Hence, Ignacio and Oduro had led the attack in those games. Citrus Bowl in Orlando is known to have an artificial turf as well and hence, Drogba would have sat out this game. The team has been training to control the ball in a patient manner which has worked for the team before. The team definitely has to spruce up their act as their last games have not been lifting for the morales. They need to get their act together fast this time.