Eto’o To Stay at Chelsea

Samuel Eto has declared that he is happy staying in Chelsea only. The 33 year old Cameroonian striker in an interview to sports start has admitted that instead of changing his club at the mid of the season, he will focus on his game and will enhance his bond with Chelsea.

Samuel Eto has also said that he loves his stay at the Stamford Bridge and has hardly any plans to move to a Italy or French club this time. “I am enjoying my time playing for Chelsea, I know I am aging but it is not a factor for me. I will continue my natural game,” said the 33 year old soccer star who has already scored more than 300 excellent goals for his favorite club Chelsea and has also taken it to the finale of several prestigious tournaments.

Eto has also said that his club will also reap benefit from his experience of playing hundreds of league matches. “I think my experience of playing premier league matches will help my team and club. Chelsea has always given me my needed space,” said the footballer in the interview. He has also said that playing beside his favorite colleagues like Eden, Oscar is also a delightful experience for him.

Samuel Eto currently is under the one year playing contract with the age old European club and will travel to Spain for the upcoming matches in the premier league but scoring more and more goals is what the multimillionaire footballer is focusing on these days for his team.

“It feels great to score goals for your club where you are playing for years. I am 33 now and have another two or three years to prove my worth in the team. During this time I will score more goals and help my team win more games,” said Eto.

Eto has been sharing his valuable experience with his teammates who are much younger than the soccer super star. Not only for his English club but the 33 year old striker has also put great performance during the world cup matches. However, according to experts Eto looks more comfortable while playing for his club Chelsea.