Roy Hodgson considers Wayne Rooney to be a fantastic player and captain

Wayne Rooney was selected as the captain of Manchester United back in July of 2014 and was officially elected as the new leader of England after Steven Gerrard announced his retirement from playing in the international stage when the 2014 World Cup was over and Roy Hodgson believes that this new role which Rooney was appointed, has helped the player substantially.

Hodgson praised Wayne Rooney as the manager of England said: “Wayne has been fantastic all the time I’ve been with the national team, but I would say he has stepped up a notch in terms of being an England player since he got the captaincy. He researched the role a little bit, took in his experience of playing under previous captains, and he works very closely with me and the players. But, most importantly of all, he plays well for the team.”

The English national football side has been playing better than some time ago and this is evidenced by the fact that they still have not lost a single qualification match in their journey of making it into the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s.

England is at the top of Group E with 18 points collected so far and Roy Hodgson believes that appointing Rooney as the captain has helped the player in developing even further and this has also helped the English national side in performing better as well as scoring more goals.

Rooney will have a far bigger job to do in the next few months as the English forward is also the captain of Manchester United and Louis van Gaal is searching around the transfer market for a player who can play alongside Rooney and suit his needs.

Even with the potential new offensive player that Louis van Gaal is attempting to sign, Rooney is one of the main figures who is expected to score goals and guide Manchester United to the top spots of the Premier League and not only for Manchester United but also for the English national side.