Nani Dicey About Manchester United Return

Leading Portugal star Nani is in quite a doubtful position of late and very dicey about his potential return to Man U.

The leading winger has got his entire wage by Red Devils in full during his Lisbon stints and presently is confused about his future club in the next season.  The Man U player admitted of using the Sporting loan spell to work up to his best possible form- however, he still cannot be sure whether at all he would be able to make place at Old Trafford.

The Portugal player signed up with a fresh 5-year deal with man U last year but he was returned to his 1st club according to the agreement- that had Argentine defender Rojo (Marcos) moving to Manchester United this August.

Louis Gaal, the new Man U boss, has cleared out some established first-teamers on his arrival, prior to smashing out great attacking talents such as Radamel Falco & Angel Maria.

After featuring in the match against Chelsea at Champions League a few days back, the Portugal player insisted that at present he is simply focused on improving post a tough spell with Red Devils.

“I do not know whether I would be able to go back or not”, said the Man U winger while approached on his fate in the upcoming season. “At this very moment, I simply wish to enjoy my game, I wish to play & I am looking forward to come up with my best possible form- let’s check out what the future holds for me. But at present, I’m wholeheartedly a Man U player and I am simply here to come up with my best.”

The leading winger has scored 2 times in his 1st 5 matches since his return to Sporting, post 7 years in Premier League.