Drogba returns to the first team

Montreal Impact striker Didier Drogba has returned to first team training after missing four games.

This is the first time that the player has been allowed to train with the first team after refusing to play for the team. Indeed Didier Drogba has been informed on his last game that he will be not playing with the first team and as a result refused to feature in the team.

Since then the player has been suspended from the first game and missed a couple of games for the first team. The Montreal Impact coach stated that the issue will be treated internally by the club and that he will not make any statements.

The issue started before the game that saw Montreal Impact face Toronto. Montreal Impact coach Mauro Biello informed Didier Drogba that he will not be playing in the first team and that he will have to sit on the substitute bench. The former Chelsea and Ivory Coast player was not happy with the decision and asked to be removed from the team entirely.

Since then the striker has not featured in the team and miss a couple of games. Officially the club said that the player had a sore back, but it is believed that it was disciplinary measures that saw Didier Drogba miss the games.

Mauro Biello stated that he did not understand Didier Drogba’s reactions and that the club has had a serious talk with the player. He said that Drogba should know that there are no big players in the team and that he is a squad player as everyone. The coach stated that his job is to select the best team for any given game and that at the moment he thought that Drogba was not at his best.